Residential Locksmith

As a locksmith agency that is based in Washington, D.C., we specialize in servicing residential units including single-family homes, townhouses, condos and apartments. Our professional team members take pride in installing durable door locks that are based on the latest technology. For example, we can integrate electronic deadbolts into existing door frames. Keyless entry systems have several great benefits for individuals who dislike using a traditional mechanical key to unlock an entrance. Some keyless entry units are compatible with Bluetooth technology that is included in smartphones. A user has to be within a close distance in order for the keyless deadbolt lock to open. Another type of electronic door lock is one with a digital keypad. A user has to enter a numerical code in order to successfully unlock a door lock within a given time period. Such locks operate on batteries in case power supplies run out during a blackout. Therefore, a user doesn't get locked out when a home's electrical supply gets cut off suddenly. Keyless entry systems are also compatible with portable fobs that can be carried inside a pocket or purse just like remote controls for vehicles. When we install modern door locks, we also make sure that other hardware is in proper working order. Latches, strike plates, threaded screws, keyways and other components are inspected and improved to guarantee smooth operation of locks.

Residential Locksmith by Locksmiths DC

If you are looking for residential locksmith services, Locksmith DC should be your number one choice. In fact, you might be surprised by the many top-quality services that Locksmith DC has to offer. These are a few of the services that you can count on when you trust this company with your residential locksmith needs. Lock Repair Over time, it's natural for locks to become damaged. If you have noticed that your locks are more difficult to lock or unlock than usual, you should call Locksmith DC. Then, you can get the help that you need to have your locks repaired, and you can avoid replacement while keeping your home secure. Lock Installation Are you looking to install new locks in your home? If so, Locksmith DC can help. You deserve the make your home as secure as possible, so you should only count on the best of the best. Luckily, these professional locksmiths can help you in every way possible, from choosing the best lock for your needs and your budget to installing it for a reasonable price. Lockout Services If you find yourself locked out of your home, there is no better company to call than Locksmith DC. Locksmith DC will get you in your home in a timely manner while doing minimal damage to your doors and locks. Plus, if any damage is done, Locksmith DC can repair the issue on the spot. As you can see, Locksmith DC offers superior residential locksmith services that can be helpful in many situations.